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Stephen Shoop Music Publications was formed in 2004.  Between 1993 and 2004 a few of my low brass solos and ensembles were published through existing publishers.  In 2004 I decided to form my own company so I could maintain total control over my emerging body of compositions, arrangements, and other publications.  I soon began to publish works by other composers and arrangers.  Many of these works have been published-- not mainly for profit motive-- but because of their musical and educational value.

Mission Statement

The mission of Stephen Shoop Music Publications is to provide quality print music and related items, especially in the area of low brass.  (1) As a recently-retired public school band director, I know it is sometimes difficult to find music that is challenging yet accessible.  SSMP aims to fill a void that currently exists for this type of literature, especially for beginning through intermediate level players.  (2) We seek to locate and publish works in public domain, so they continue to be available for current and future generations.  (3) Finally, we strive to be an outlet for talented composers, arrangers, and artists whose objective it is to get their pieces published.  SSMP has published music by a number of composers and arrangers whose works would have likely been lost forever.

Statement of Quality

Quality is essential to our mission.  We continually strive for quality in two areas:  (1) The music itself should be of a high aesthetic quality, meeting the “stand the test of time” test.  (2)  In addition, we produce and carry products of the highest tangible quality with regard to materials and workmanship.  Currently, most of our music is printed on high quality laser paper and engraved with the most innovative and up to date computer generated notation software available.  Our print music has a professional visual appearance and is as error free as possible.     

Our current catalog of over 120 items includes the following: 

*Junior High and High School-Level Tuba and Euphonium Solos & Ensembles

*Historical Tuba Solos With Piano and/or Band Accompaniment

*Fred Geib Historic Tuba Solos

*Don Lawrence Brass Sextets

*Harvey Phillips Foundation TUBACHRISTMAS Books and CDs

*Commemorative Coffee Mugs Featuring Low Brass Players of Historical Significance

Stephen Shoop Music Publications may be found online at
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