Stephen Shoop

Tuba/Low Brass

Tuba/Low Brass Teaching and Playing

I am actively involved with teaching and playing tuba.  Current projects include a method book project that includes teaching manual and student book.  I am also working on a set of video clips for students and another set specifically for teachers.  Also available will be a number of music examples in the form of pdf files.

Several pedagogical materials are currently available through my publishing company—Stephen Shoop Music Publications.  They include Scales, Arpeggios, and Interval Exercises for Tuba and Twenty Melodic Etudes for Tuba. I have also composed and/or arranged over 30 solo and ensemble pieces that involve tuba.  Most are for intermediate level players.

I will be posting a series of articles based on my quarter century experience teaching tuba.  In addition to the print materials mentioned above, I am getting set up to teach distance lessons through Skype.   

A Tuba Player’s Guide to Articulation is scheduled for release in 2015.  The book will cover the following three interrelated issues: (1) basics of articulation on tuba;  (2) articulation as it relates to technical facility, musicality, and musical style;  and (3) identification of common articulation problems, with suggestions for remediation and improvement toward greater efficiency.  This source also includes a number of musical exercise to serve primarily as models.

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