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Burke-Phillips All-Star

Burke-Phillips All Star Concert Band

In 1960 and 1961 the two Burke-Phillips All Star Concert Band albums were recorded.  The objective was to assemble a concert band comprised of a group of America's finest instrumentalists.

Volume One (CR-4025) was recorded in 1960.  Unlike most album covers, the artists are listed on the front.  Photographs of Harvey Phillips (Soloist, Co-Producer), Hunter N. Wiley (Guest Conductor), and James F. Burke (Conductor, Soloist, and Co-Producer) appear at the top on the back cover.  A dedication appears below the pictures:  To the American Bandsman.  On village greens, in town band shells, and in city parks he has been the musical companion and tutor of millions of his countrymen.  Below the dedication are liner notes.  Selections on Side One are (1) Willian Tell Overture (Rossini arr. Leidzen), (2) Danza Allegra (James F. Burke arr. Leidzen), (3) Amorette (Burke arr. Leidzen), (4) Orpheus (Offenbach arr. Leidzen), and (5) Over There Fantasy (Grofe arr. Leidzen).  Selections on Side Two are (1) Carioca (Youmans arr. Norman), (2) Scheherezade (Rimsky-Korsakoff arr. unattributed, and (3) Lincoln Square March (Burke arr. Roberts).  This is the "famous" recording of Harvey's signature solo with band- Carioca, and appears on the Harvey Phillips Legacy CD.  (I will include the story about how this arrangement of Carioca came to be as time permits).

Volume Two (CR-4040) was recorded in 1961.  The album features a gatefold cover with a number of photographs and extensive liner notes.  James F. Burke and Harvey G. Phillips are listed as Conductors and Dr. Lucin Cailliet as Guest Conductor.  Selections on Side One are (1) National Emblem March (Edward Bagley), (2) Roman Carnival Overture (Hector Berlioz), (3) The Elephant and The Fly (H. Kling- Harvey G. Phillips, Tuba Soloist, Andrew J. Lolya, Piccolo Soloist, Dr. Lucien Cailliet, Guest Conductor), (4) Hocus Polka (James Burke & Roger Smith, arr. Harris- James F. Burke, Cornet Soloist, Dr. Lucien Cailliet, Guest Conductor), and (5) Victor Herbert Favorites (Victor Herbert arr. Tobani).  Selections on Side Two are (1) Violin Concerto (Final Mov't) (Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky arr. Cailliet- Vincent J. Abato, Clarinet Soloist, Dr. Lucien Cailliet, Guest Conductor, (2) Crown Imperial (William Walton), (3) Bees A-Buzzin' (Edrich Siebert), (4) Flight of the Bumblebee (Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov arr. Hawkes), and (5) Blue Mist (Erich Osterling).

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