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Band/Instr. Music Ed.

Band/Instrumental Music Education

The paragraphs below address two projects I am currently developing. One is a PowerPoint presentation on four rehearsal zones that naturally occur during rehearsals and private lessons.  The other is a book about the people skills side of band directing.

Four Rehearsal Zones

Four Rehearsal Zones is a concept I developed to identify and describe four basic modes or approachs that naturally take place in ensemble rehearsals and private lessons.  The Gray Zone involves rehearsing/practicing at a very basic level;  (2) In the Red Zone, things are isolated and subsequently broken down into fundamental components.  Problems are “fixed,” then put back into context;  (3) The Blue Zone addresses upper-level details;  and (4) The Green Zone involves  the transfer of newly-acquired skills and concepts to new situations.  I have developed a PowerPoint presentation on the topic and am also planning clinic-presentations on this model.

Band Directing Book

I am also authoring a book about the people skills side of band directing. Band Directing 101:  Understanding the People Skills Side of Band Directing is scheduled for release in June, 2015.  Many issues discussed in the book are those not covered in university coursework.

Additional pages about band/instrumental music education will be added.  Please check back soon and often.

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